I fell in love with my best friend quotes, how to do?

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I fell in love with my best friend quotes, what should I do? Recently, all my friends have encountered this problem, so they checked the solution. I believe that many readers have the same situation. I will introduce the method to you.

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Please ask yourself a question:

I fell in love with my best friend quotes 1. What’s your purpose of making friends with him?

Ask your heart, what do you want

At the beginning, I made friends with him with a mind of further development

It’s just that you become friends because you’re happy with each other

Don’t think it’s all because of reason 2. Many people are just hiding their feelings, in fact, the original purpose is not pure.

If your answer is 1, please exit. Because you are not really good friends, what you lack is not the solution, but how to make him like yourself. I think that’s a good answer

I fell in love with my best friend quotes 2. How to make friends with the man you like-

If your answer is: originally just because happy, and other same-sex friends, but recently gradually changed the taste, I cherish this friendship, do not want to have further development with him, but the feeling of love really do not know how to vent, the solution is as follows.

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Talk to him frankly about your mood

Reduce the frequency of contact with him, but don’t ignore him

I fell in love with my best friend quotes 3. Return to focus and focus on other things

Try to love your friends unconditionally, just as you love your family.

Like a person, because he has the advantages you want. And like family, just because they are family, no additional conditions, so your friends as family, don’t want to ask, but unconditional treatment.

Treat your friends with new eyes

You will like him because you see his shining point, but don’t just be trapped in it. Try to treat him as a new friend and treat him with a curious and relaxed attitude

No! Don’t speak ill of his boyfriend / girlfriend

It’s no good for you to speak ill of his other half!

Don’t feel guilty about this relationship. Live a happy life

Take this inexplicable feeling easy, all you need is move on, you don’t need to feel depressed and sad. You need to know that if you solve this problem with your friends, you will gain a stronger friendship.

This is your life, enjoy it!

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Your friendship, your feelings, are precious stories of life, you have people you like, this is a beautiful thing, do not give yourself pressure. There is only one life. You should leave time to those you cherish.

I fell in love with my best friend quotes 4. How to confess “more than friendship” with a good friend?

First, find a suitable free time (such as on the way home) or make a special appointment (such as walking in the park). Speak your mind seriously. It’s not that you need to tell him every little detail, and you don’t need to be precise to which day and which thing, but that you need to tell him about your mood change, how you accumulated it, how you can’t control your feelings, and how you are troubled by this feeling. Tell him that you don’t want this inexplicable relationship to affect your friendship with him. Explain that this can help you get out as soon as possible and return to friend zone. Finally, from his point of view, I understand the decision he has to make.

Model text:

Hey, in fact, I always cherish the friendship with you. I’ve been with you for so many years. We’ve gone through so many things together. But recently, I feel that my feelings for you have changed. Sometimes I hope you are not only my good friend, but also further. I don’t know how it came about, and I find I can’t control it.

I really don’t want it to affect our friendship. I know you don’t have the same idea. I also know you just want to be friends with me. I want to tell you that when I was silent recently, I was thinking about it. It has affected my normal relationship with you. But you don’t have to worry too much, just give me a little time, let me sort myself out, we can go back to the original state.

However, if I just said these words to you, you feel strange and uncomfortable, I can understand. I just think you value this friendship as much as I do. I really treat you as a good friend, just like my family. I need to be honest with you. I need your help.

In addition, there are also tips:

This really does not need to cry, calmly say their own ideas, and have a good talk with him, than the atmosphere after crying to be a hundred times stronger!

No kidding!!!

At this time, there is really no need to use jokes to ease the atmosphere! These words come from your heart. Once you make a joke, this opportunity may disappear, and there may be misunderstandings

Don’t blame your friends!!!

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Don’t blame them for your feelings. It won’t help you to save the friendship! Don’t say, “Why are you so tall / handsome, that makes me like you.”. Don’t say that!

Don’t hope for them!!!

This is also the easiest mistake to make. Don’t think that you have confessed with him, he will like you, you can associate. Don’t hope for that! Don’t lie to yourself. This confession is what you want. You know that only in this way can your friendship last and you can have a place in each other’s lives. Do not have the illusion of communication, the greater the hope, the greater the disappointment, the more disappointed your friendship will never go back.

This conversation only applies to very good friends!!!

Good friends do not mean that you only met in class classmates, or you only met in the unit, never out of private colleagues. Here’s a good friend is that you are in a bad mood can call out to drink, short of 500 borrow you 1000 people! Don’t say that to a stranger!

Finally, I always believe that there is a pure friendship between men and women. Maybe after we go our separate ways, the friendship will disappear. But before that, I would like to believe that they are all my unique gifts. Cherishing business is the right solution. After so many of you, will you break up because of a little confession? I think the saddest thing is that I can’t be frank and I can’t be together, and finally I don’t get in touch anymore.

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