What online dating rules you need know

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What online dating rules you need know? Dating rules have changed a lot in the past few years. Now you run out with someone you meet in an app, going out together, not only is it normal, but it has become more and more normalized. But since this is not the same as before, it’s important to remember a few things when you first date. The following eight first dating rules will help you spend an interesting and safe time to some extent.

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Online dating rules 1. safety first

No matter how good your date is, how much you like it, you don’t actually know them. So, make sure that the first date is in public, and at least one friend will be assigned the itinerary before and after the date. It may sound a little too sensitive, but please don’t ignore one thing. What you see is a completely strange person.

Online dating rules 2. read their personal data

When you meet a date, you should at least communicate with him / her: “what do you do?”, The answer may be on their profile – remember that the details of your date will give you a bonus for your partner’s preference. It’s hard to avoid embarrassment when all the information in his / her profile can be used as a ice breaker and a dialogue initiator. I would like to hear more about their work, study experience or pictures posted on their information. Pay more attention to their personal data, you never have to worry about no topic talk, and there will be no awkward silence.

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Online dating rules 3. keep a relaxed and relaxed mood

Dating people you know online for the first time doesn’t have to be romantic. All you need is an opportunity to get to know each other and see if there is a chemical reaction. So keep a low profile: it’s perfect to have a simple meal or a long walk.

Online dating rules 4. do not set too high expectations

You may be excited about your date, but it’s better not to set too high expectations. You don’t know this person yet, and there’s no information about where the relationship will go, too much uncertainty. But it’s not that you should make the worst plan for it, set the lowest expectations, and you won’t be disappointed. If you think so, it becomes boring. Try to balance the optimistic ideal “if he / she is such a person” and the reality that “there is not only this flower in the forest”.

Online dating rules 5. keep an open mind

It is easy to over analyze the other party’s online data, so that when we don’t see each other, we can deny each other’s whole. But to really understand a person, you have to be alone in the real world and see where things will go. Don’t judge without meeting, knowing each other. Keep an open mind, meet them, and start there. Where the relationship will go, no one can accurately predict.

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Online dating rules 6. be yourself

Of all the online dating materials they see, and among all the people they can date, they choose to spend time with you. Your date likes what they see in your profile, so you don’t have a reason to be the kind of person you think they want you to be. Be yourself, you don’t need to whitewash anything.

Online dating rules 7. don’t stigmatize online dating

Dating people on dating applications is one of the most common ways to connect and find love today. Don’t be embarrassed to go out with someone you meet online. Please abandon this idea without having to do a second consideration.

Online dating rules 8. Have a good time

Remember: it should be fun to meet people you meet online. You may not find the one immediately, but you can still meet someone and have an interesting night, drink, have a dinner or watch a movie. If you don’t feel the fun from it and feel like work and need to raise, you may have to pause for a while and stop using these web routes. When you adjust and are ready to come back, they will return to you.

Exposing yourself to unfamiliar environments may be worrying and scary. These skills will help you easily date your first time with your friends. Make things easy, casual and fun, who knows where the results will go? Maybe things will develop into a long-term happy relationship, or really find the one!

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