1. Develop good eating habits Exercise and develop a healthy lifestyle. In order to have a strong body, we can’t be lazy and sleepy. We need to be physically and psychologically active. Exercise and a healthy diet are very important to improve our health. 2. Avoid junk food Junk food

Research suggests that a person often has a prodromal period before an obvious mental disorder occurs. During this period of time showed some insignificant mental changes. 1. Don’t talk about personal hygiene 2. Weird behavior 3. Agitation 4. Excessive sleep or long-term inability to fall asleep 5. Withdrawn 6. Personality

I heard a story before. There was a fat man who fell in love because his girlfriend thought he was fat. The fat guy drinks alcohol every day, hoping that his girlfriend can change his mind His good friend said to him, “Go lose weight. If you are too fat,

Do you know what Chinese eat for three meals? The law of three meals advocated by Chinese people is as follows: Breakfast should be nutritious; Eat more lunch; Eat less for dinner; Try not to eat supper. Today I’d like to share my three meals a day 1.Breakfast:a bowl of