Breaking up because of a long-distance relationship

Breaking up because of a long-distance relationship.Long distance relationships can be a torment for all couples in love. There are many couples who break up because of long distance relationships, and some couples who are dating online often break up because they don’t see each other much. If you are starting a long distance relationship, you must read this article.

01 The Story of breaking up due to long-distance love 1


Woman: Sofia, 25, from China,

Male: Malik, 28, German (second generation immigrant)

Time spent together: one year

Story Location: Germany


Breaking up because of a long-distance relationship.It’s a bad breakup story.

They were together for a year when Sofia broke up because they felt they were constantly fighting, however Malik did not take it calmly.

After the split, Malik relentlessly harassed: sending hundreds of texts a day, stealing Sofia’s email and getting into a fight with her male friends. So Sofia went to court and ordered him not to contact her for a year and not to come within 100 meters of her.

The decision was based on the right of a citizen to refuse to meet with a person and the right of a court to stop the harassment if the person’s actions constituted material harassment. If you break the sentence you have to pay a big fine or work as a social worker.

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Breaking up because of a long-distance relationship.Sofia consulted with a lawyer and agencies that protect women from assault. In cases where there are already legal rulings, if someone approaches her, she can take photos and videos as evidence, and passersby can also act as witnesses.

Later, Sofia applied for address protection when she moved, so Malik was no longer able to find her address through official channels.

Looking back on the relationship, Sofia doesn’t want to admit that her partner’s personality comes from “Turkey.” Malik’s parents are from Turkey. My father came to work and settled down, and then he took my wife and lived in the countryside. Breaking up because of a long-distance relationship.Although he was born and raised in Germany, most of his friends are second-generation immigrants.

For them, the influence of different families of origin and circumstances of upbringing may lead them to think for a lifetime about how to accept and accept their personal identity.

02 The Story of breaking up because of long-distance love 2


Woman: Agata, 25 years old, Chinese

M: Will, 22, is from Poland

Time spent together: one year

Story Location: Holland & Poland


Breaking up because of a long-distance relationship.Will lived in Holland for six years and had several girlfriends from different European countries. His first love was Agata, a Polish girl.

The two met at a friend’s birthday party. They chatted happily and liked each other at the party. They spent several days together and fell in love with each other.

But Agata only came to the Netherlands for a birthday party and then went back to Poland. The two stayed in contact with Bothlive. But every time they met, he would fly over to her place, or she would fly over. The plane was less than two hours away, but they had been in love for a year.

Not seeing each other often isn’t a problem. In Europe, even romantic couples are very independent. Girls don’t expect to be in touch 24 hours a day.

The breakup was brought up by the girl. Will: I don’t know why. We often chat on the Bothlive app. During the period before she broke up with me, I could feel her indifference to me. She seemed to have something to say to me, but she didn’t say it. Until she sent him a long message on the Botlive app. By then she had Facebook and WhatsApp, but she chose Bothlive because the app was very private and a guarantee of quality.

Breaking up because of a long-distance relationship.That was a few years ago, and Will said he couldn’t remember what it was about, but remember what she said, that she was so invested in love herself, and he wasn’t, and it made her sad, and it wasn’t fair.

It is common for Poles to get married in their early 20s, he says. It could be that she wanted to get married, but at that time Will didn’t want to get married, and he admitted that he didn’t love as much as Agata did.

Will has been in a couple of different relationships and now he feels like he can settle down. His girlfriend is also Polish.

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“Maybe it’s my fate with the Poles.” “Will said finally.

03 The story of breaking up due to long-distance love 3

W: Kate, 17, from Ukraine

M: Anton, 17, from Ukraine

Duration: 10 months

Story Location: Ukraine

The narrator is Kate. What kind of girl is she? Beautiful, idealistic, too kind, warm, easily hurt. Be nice to everyone and don’t want to let anyone down.

The hero is Kate’s first love. The story begins with a normal school romance. Kate is in grade 11 and Anton is in grade 10.

They had been together for 10 months when they split up. They talked a lot. The guys used to love Kate like she was a goddess. At the time of the breakup, she found it hard to understand. She was suffering from some sort of bipolar disorder, and she couldn’t remember exactly what happened two weeks after the breakup. Kate is a very affectionate girl, she even tried to retain the boy to start over, but it was all in vain, and finally their relationship became a “walking dead”.

Why did he break up? Why did he become so ugly after the break up? In retrospect, Kate sees Anton as an emotional man, too jealous and too manipulative. When he stopped liking her, he began to hate her. He said a lot of ugly things after they parted, really rude language. But Kate couldn’t understand what this guy was doing, and still can’t.

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Breaking up because of a long-distance relationship.But slowly, over time, Kate reexamines the relationship. She knew what problems she had. For example, she would criticize boys pessimistically. She should be more sensitive to men and trust her boyfriend more.

Breaking up because of a long-distance relationship.She also learned what kind of guy she wasn’t for. Controlling makes her miserable. Before, she was not really interested in the boy’s hobbies. He drew a picture of an ideal girl in his mind and wanted to fit her into that picture, without really wanting to know what kind of person she was.

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