Should I marry an old man?

What do you say after you get a girls number on tinder

Should I marry an old man? One advantage of getting old is that I have not become smart, but I have changed color.

In the letters I received, many people had extramarital affairs in their fifties. Every time I read a letter, I said that I am fifty years old and I am still in an extramarital relationship.

Therefore, the occurrence of this kind of relationship does not depend on age. I even asked if there was a letter from a 60-year-old tree hole, of course. It’s also about feelings.

Among the many love cases, in fact, old men will love even lower bottom line. It’s not that men get old when they get bad, but bad people get old. Of course, it’s not right to simply use “bad” to describe them. After all, there is no absolute right or wrong in emotional matters.

For example, the following letter:

Should I marry an old man? I was separated from him for a whole youth, exactly eighteen years old. Today is my 365th day with him, although I knew from the beginning that he has a wife and children.

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We know accidental, but love passionately.

Over the past year, people may feel that I have received him so many gifts and money that I would be willing to stay by his side.

Should I marry an old man? But the fact is just the opposite. Every time, I give him a gift. However, on my birthday a few days ago, he always felt that the ring could not be given away easily, but I finally waited until he bought it and gave it to me.

He never lied to me, did not say anything like “Wait for a few more years, I will divorce and marry you”, on the contrary, he always said “Don’t follow me anymore. I can’t marry you in my life. Find someone Let’s fall in love with the one you like, and we will be friends for life.” Every time I finish saying this, no matter it is me or him, tears are in my eyes.

I once complained, regretted why I love him so much, he can not marry me. Later I figured it out. Even if he doesn’t love his wife, as a father, he definitely wants to give his children the best family environment, so I choose to understand him.

Later, the idea of marrying him became lighter and lighter. Although I know the humbleness of my love in this relationship, what can I do?

After I think about it, maybe when I graduate from university and find a job, everything is stable, and my family will urge me to get married quickly. At that time, I had to break up with him. Maybe on my wedding day, I was wearing a white wedding dress, and he would Appeared as a friend, but no one understood my relationship with him.

Should I marry an old man? I have found countless reasons for myself. For example, the Buddha said that the lover is a husband and wife in the previous life. I would like to drink Meng Po soup, Meng Po was angry and squeezed it for people to drink, and then there was a dimple…

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I connected all of these and convinced myself that I must have been married to him in my previous life, and he really loved me.

Should I marry an old man? Maybe from tomorrow, I will be unable to get in touch with him for a long time, but I believe I will wait until he comes back and wait until he embraces me. In this life, I am afraid that I will not be his wife and take good care of him. Allow public

There are many ways a man loves a woman, such as marrying her, not desecrating her, or sleeping her. But this kind of love has a foundation, a foundation that a woman can bear, and a foundation of equality in relations.

In this relationship, the man is 18 years older than the girl. According to her description, the girl has not graduated from university. According to speculation, the man should be in his early 40s. It is too easy for a forty-year-old man to shed tears in order to fall in love with a girl in his early 20s.

Should I marry an old man? Judging from the girl’s description, she really fell in love with this man and used everything she could not take care of him for life.

To tell the truth, old men really don’t need to worry about taking care of girls, girls are more likely to have the heart of the Virgin. Generally, women who have experience know that men like creatures can live happily and freely without the care of women. The woman’s care is entirely out of a kind of instinct of the Virgin. I always feel that this man cannot take care of his own life and needs to take care of him by himself.

Don’t worry, as a man, you can tell the major female protagonists responsibly that men really don’t need women to take care of them, and they can live very freely.

Should I marry an old man? The place where the old man has no bottom line is that he knows how to use his feelings, even his tears, to confuse girls. If you women really don’t understand how old men chase women, tell you a book, the ancient Roman poet Ovid’s “Kai Sutra”.

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Should I marry an old man? To be honest, I read the tears of the old man in the letter, no matter what those words, there is nothing new, of course, when a girl thinks that she loves this man very much, what did I actually say? It’s useless.

She was 23 years old that year, and the other party was 45 years old. Now that the man’s children have graduated from college, he still won’t divorce, and she still loves each other like that. She also knows that a man loves him, but even his marriage No matter how incomplete, she will still stay in the marriage, and she will still be the one who can’t wait for the result. More than ten years have passed. She is in her thirties and the other party is 60 years old. The same story remains.

Should I marry an old man? She said, if I could read this article ten years ago and understand this truth, maybe life would be different, it would really be different. Because life is not just about living for such a love and not seeing the sunshine, but there are many things worth doing with integrity, such as finding a young man to fall in love hand in hand.

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