Men for sex now

men for sex now

Men for sex now. When a man becomes hard, he becomes erect. When a man’s penis is stimulated, it relaxes for a short period of time. The blood is pumped into the veins of the sponge until the pressure rises to a certain limit.

01 Is it hard for a man to be hard?


Men for sex now. The blood-filled corpus cavernosum will prop up the penis, making it hard and long. At this time, men generally have a swelling, and the penis feels like steel. Men who have had sex will have the urge to have sex. If there is no target, they will feel like flying. Some are in heat and see holes. The hole just wants to poke the desire.


Men for sex now. Under normal circumstances, after a man has an erection, the glans is completely exposed. Due to individual differences, each persons erection angle will be different. Generally speaking, men have an erection around the age of twenty. The angle is the largest, and most men have an erection angle above ninety degrees.

Men for sex now. The longest domestic male penis can reach 11 cm without erection, the shortest is 3 cm, the average is 6 cm; the maximum diameter is 4 cm, the minimum is 1.5 cm, the average is 2.5 cm; when erection The longest penis is 18 cm, the shortest is 8 cm, and the average is 12 cm.


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Generally speaking, men will have three to five erections every night, with an average erection time of 15 minutes, but some can last as long as one hour. As long as the structure and function of the nerves, blood vessels and corpus cavernosum are normal, there will be erections.

Men for sex now. It can be said that in the process of being hard, men will not feel very uncomfortable except for the feeling of rising.


02 When will men be hard


Men for sex now. Men for sex now. Men for sex are prone to erections. Sexual stimulation includes sexual fantasies and heterosexual stimulation and pornographic pictures or textual stimulation, such as seeing naked pictures of women or having physical contact with beautiful women.

Men for sex now. Of course, men will spontaneously get erections during their sleep. Generally, they will get erection at about 4 to 5 in the morning before they get up. It has nothing to do with sex. Generally, it is the urge to urinate.


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The plan for a year is in spring, and the plan for a day is in the morning. We also know that apart from sexual stimulation or some kind of stimulation, men will get erections, but there is also a kind of natural nature under consciousness. The most obvious is that penile erection often occurs before waking up in the morning, which is medically called early morning erection. Specifically, it refers to men who have a natural erection of their penis unconsciously at 4-7 in the morning.

Men for sex now. Many men wake up in the morning, and if they find that their penis makes the urine “hold” hard, they can’t help but cheer and feel that this is a manifestation of strong sexual ability. If one day you find that it is crumbling, you will worry that you are not good enough. If you find discomfort during sex, you should go to the hospital in time.


Men for sex now. It is easier to get an erection at night than in the morning. Many male friends have natural erections while sleeping. Although with age, the number of erections decreases. Generally speaking, young men have 7-8 erections every night. The number of erections for healthy elderly is about 2-3 times per night.

There are many reasons for night erection. According to netizenssurvey, some people believe that night is a period of vigorous production and secretion of androgens in the testes, and erection is the result of increased levels of androgens in the blood. It is also believed that nocturnal erection is the result of active nocturnal autonomic nerve function and the body’s own maintenance and repair functions.


03 How long is a normal man hard?


Men for sex now. Penile erection is the most important function in male sexual function. In a complete sex life, the time of erection can also be understood as the time of ejaculation. The results of a one-time survey in foreign countries show that the random sampling of 491 men Intravaginal ejaculation time: Most people (70%) within 7 minutes, only about a quarter of people can exceed 10 minutes.

Men for sex now. It is normal to have an erection for no more than five minutes during sexual intercourse. Of course, if the difference is less than two minutes, it is premature ejaculation and requires treatment. Men for sex now.

Men for sex now. In the past, there were some misconceptions that long time is the standard of a macho. The longer the erection, the more fierce it is. As everyone knows, prolonged erection will not only cause local discomfort due to prolonged hyperemia of the prostate and perineum, but also cause prostatitis, and even impair erectile function.

Men for sex now. On the other hand, sex life is a matter for both husband and wife. If the female partner is not used to the excessively long erection time, it may cause the female partner’s resentment over time and cause sexual indifference. Therefore, a long erection time is essentially harmful to no benefit.

How long is the proper erection time?

Men for sex now. Different individuals vary greatly, ranging from 2 minutes to 1 hour. Now it is clearly stipulated that if you can ejaculate, the erection time is more than 1 minute as normal. Of course, the erection time is not the better. Generally speaking, the proper erection time should be able to achieve a satisfactory sex life for both spouses. This erection time is only needed. it’s the best.

Once the erection continues for more than 4 hours, you should consult a doctor in time to prevent the priapism from causing irreversible organic damage.


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04 Three reasons why men are hard


Men for sex now. Mainly comes from three aspects of stimulation, one is optic sensory nerve stimulation, the second is tactile nerve stimulation, and the third is sexual stimulation caused by psychological reasons. As a man, penile erection will occur unconsciously after puberty. This is a normal phenomenon. At this time, a certain amount of sex education is necessary to establish correct sexual concepts and learn healthy sexual knowledge. If this kind of sexual stimulation occurs repeatedly , Can cause sympathetic fatigue, even impotence and premature ejaculation.

1. Age: Under normal circumstances, age is the determinant of morning erection. Men for sex now. After sexual maturity, with the increase of age, the frequency of morning erection becomes more frequent and the duration gradually increases. Men for sex now. After 30 years of age, with age, morning erection will gradually weaken or decline. However, although some elderly people do not have morning erection, they can still have a satisfactory sex life.

2. Sleep: Adequacy of sleep time and quality of sleep will affect the secretion of male hormones to varying degrees, which will affect the morning erection.

3. Emotions: Excessive grief, anger, depression, etc. can significantly reduce morning erection.

Men for sex now. After understanding why boys are hard, we can also know what factors affect mens sexual function, such as age factors, sleep factors, and emotional factors, so in order to improve their male function accordingly , Then we must pay attention to these aspects, so that we can fully protect our sexual function.

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