Love or infatuation quiz

Love or infatuation quiz. If love is an angel, infatuation is a devil. Love can bring you to heaven, confusion can only send you to hell, hell on earth, even the other party doesn’t even know you are living in hell.   Do you think infatuation just hurts you? Infatuation

I cheated on my boyfriend but i love him

I cheated on my boyfriend but i love him. I love him very much. I betrayed him. This is a contradiction at all. If you really love the other party, you will definitely think of everything for the other party. Betrayal, then It is absolutely impossible.   How selfish and

Lover mine

Lover mine. My love, how long have you not called you that way? Busy work and trivial housework take up most of our time. Even if we are resting, we almost all sleep and watch TV. Don’t you think there are still shortcomings in our lives? How long have we

A naked person lying on the ground

Boyfriend loves me but not sexually attracted me? How prove? What is sexual attraction? How does it affect our intimacy? Is it short-term or long-term? How to make sexual attraction in a relationship last longer? Today’s topic is: how can we make our sexual attraction last longer? In order to

What turns a man off

What turns a man off? Someone once did such a survey: Ask those single or divorced men and women why their last intimate relationship ended. It turns out that one of the most important reasons why men propose to break up is the disharmony of sexual life. What turns a

Am I just a hookup

Am I just a hookup? Today I chatted with my friend about making a hookup. Originally, this was your attitude. Although I didn’t support it, I wouldn’t be able to give pointers. But there are some men, he doesn’t tell you directly that you are friends, nor do you have

Gay interracial couple Instagram

Gay interracial couple Instagram. In our kingdom, we have no respect or inferiority, no respect or inferiority, no distinction between young and old, strong or weak. What we have in common is a body that makes desire burn unbearably, and hearts that are lonely and crazy. At midnight, these lonely

If someone wants to be with you they will

If someone wants to be with you they will. I think girls, rather than thinking about how to judge whether boys just want to sleep or fall in love, should change their thinking and mentality. How boys treat you depends entirely on who you are. What kind of girls are

Suddenly attracted to a woman

Suddenly attracted to a woman. This question is very interesting. I think the attraction of intimacy should have the following three parts.   1. Appearance attractiveness (sexual attractiveness) Suddenly attracted to a woman. Appearance is a very important attraction in intimate relationships. From the perspective of social cognition, it is