The Power Of Silence After A Break Up

power of silence after break up

The Power Of Silence After A Break Up. The two people have been in love for many years, and there are fewer and fewer things to say. In many cases, they can’t say a few words, and more of them are silent.

Sometimes quarrels are not terrible. The most feared thing is to keep silent with each other and ignore each other.

The Power Of Silence After A Break Up. Sometimes life will have a lot of unsatisfactory things, and you will encounter some uncontrollable things. When two people are together for a long time, disagreement cannot be avoided. When conflicts occur, some people choose Cold violence, venting dissatisfaction through silence, and attacking each other with silence.

When confronted with conflicts, you are anxious to get angry, but the other party is always silent.

The other party is getting more and more silent, no matter what you talk about, he has no talkability.

You want to talk to the other person freely, but he responds to you with painless words…

The Power Of Silence After A Break Up. When the patience of lovers reaches a certain limit, cold violence also follows.

He is not good at expressing, and when a variety of emotions come to his mind, he does not know how to perceive and express himself effectively, so he simply chooses to be silent.

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Avoid conflict, fear that facing problems will bring more harm, worry that you will be abandoned by you one day when confronted with you, and choose to be silent.

The Power Of Silence After A Break Up. If you want the other party to obey, let the other party bow their heads first, and then you can be arrogant and domineering. As long as the two of them have conflicts, they will start cold violence, never apologize first. Requires obedience from the other party. When cold violence is unsuccessful, of course the other party will not coax you thanklessly.

You are not allowed to be rough with your lover, and you are not allowed to scold each other with words, so you have to choose to use silence to attack each other.

The silence between lovers may indicate that the two have entered the comfort zone of love.

The Power Of Silence After A Break Up. When you are in love, you will try to show your brightest side when facing the object you like. Two people really have a lot to say in order to understand each other.

But with the lapse of time, the attraction between each other will gradually decrease, the desire and excitement you have to talk to are gone, and you already have a certain understanding of each other, and there is nothing to talk about.

At this time, the embarrassment of having no topic to talk about will happen, and the two sides have also cultivated a tacit understanding and entered the most comfortable zone of love.

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The Power Of Silence After A Break Up. If the relationship can last for a long time, it is unrealistic to be passionate. As the understanding of each other gets deeper and deeper, then both parties will understand each other better. Naturally, they will lose their original freshness and curiosity. They become more and more silent and enter a period of dull feelings. This is feeling. A stage that must go through.

The performance between lovers during this period is often silent. What you should do is not to give up, but to do something to make the relationship between you more tacit.

Proactively communicate. You must express your thoughts, especially when you care about the other person, or when you have some special expectations, don’t let the other person guess what you are thinking.

Give your lover a sense of security so that the other person will no longer be silent. You can give the other person some encouragement and talk about your attachment to him.

Sometimes silence is nothing terrible. Learn to distinguish and manage, not to abandon or give up, and cultivate a rapport between two people.

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In the process of getting along, two people must give each other more understanding and tolerance, but in the process of getting along, there must be communication and mutual understanding.

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