How to show affection to a guy?

How to show affection to a guy

How to show affection to a guy? Before we talk about confession, we must first discuss the meaning and value of confession, and what kind of confession is a successful confession.


I think there is only one evaluation criterion for a successful confession: After the confession, you have reached a consensus on the next development of the relationship. In addition, let’s also talk about five possible confession scenarios. Before I officially start speaking, I will talk about a recent incident.

How to show affection to a guy? Two days ago, I went to a certain university in Shanghai to give a lecture. After the class, a little girl caught up with me and told me her troubles: She said that when she was in high school, she had a very Good friends of the opposite sex, these two are known as buddies. Later, everyone went to university and was admitted to two different universities in Shanghai.

How to show affection to a guy? Before the first half of the freshman semester was over, the other party suddenly came over and confessed to him. This girl was afraid of losing her friend, so she agreed. But this agreement doesn’t matter, the days when the buddies were worthy are gone forever. The new boyfriend always calls her “Dear” on WeChat, because people think that they are all boyfriends and girlfriends. This is normal! What about her? But it feels very disgusting, uncomfortable, very unbearable.

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How to show affection to a guy? But even so, the girl still didn’t dare to tell the truth to the other person, she could only deeply regret the impulsive promise she had promised before. Not only did she regret it, she was also very painful-what on earth should she do?

If you continue, you are really uncomfortable. If you tell the truth, tell the other person, “I agreed with your confession was a mistake, and now I want to go back.” Then I am afraid I will lose this friend forever. In this way, both the loss of a lover and the loss of a friend, the cost is higher, and it seems not so appropriate, so what should I do?

How to show affection to a guy? Let’s not consider this specific problem for the time being, because this is the little girl’s own business.

I hope that with her, a question for you to consider is: Has the boy who confessed to her succeeded in confession? I estimate that everyone will be divided into two groups: one group will say, isn’t this confession still a success? The girls agreed!

How to show affection to a guy? They also agreed to be your girlfriend. This confession must be a success! There is another group who thinks that this kind of confession is not successful at all. There is no basis for love between the girl and you. She still treats you as a friend, not a boyfriend at all.

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How to show affection to a guy? So, which faction do you support?

A blind date website conducted a sample survey of more than 80 million members, and the results showed that nearly 90% of men welcome women to confess, 86.21% of men said they would accept womens confession if they have a good impression, and 11.64% of men said Even if they don’t like it, they will not refuse. The success rate of women’s active confession is 97.85%! The success rate of male confession is only 58%.

However, the survey also showed that high-profile showing of loveis the most disgusting way for men to confess. The affectionate truthful confession is far more effective than the high-profile showing of love that sensationalizes the masses. More than 30% of single women are most disgusted with hesitating, not straightforward way of confession.

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How to show affection to a guy? Of course, even in terms of research data, girls have a higher success rate for proactive confession, but it does not represent or predict whether a person has a higher or lower success rate for confession. When it is specific to an individual, the individual’s personality, attitude, and specific circumstances are the real decisive factors.

Regardless of whether you are a boy or a girl, we encourage everyone to be brave and sincere to confess to someone you like, without worrying about the question of “boys and girls confess, who has a higher success rate”.

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