How to deal with someone who won’t forgive you?

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How to deal with someone who wont forgive you? You have a very important question that you did not realize. Perhaps this is also the reason why your friends are cold to you, that is, you underestimate the harm between friends.

The deepest hurt always comes from the closest person, because people who are not close can not hurt so deeply. In the same sentence, unfamiliar people and girlfriends say that the effect is absolutely worlds apart. Precisely because you are friends, if you hurt each other, it is likely to be devastating.

There is a very real problem.

How to deal with someone who wont forgive you? That is even the best friend, you should also pay attention to the distance and measure. Once you cross the line, it is likely to cause a breakdown in your relationship. This is especially true of adult friendships.

If you cherish your friendship, then you will always, never, never do anything that harms or may harm your friendsinterests. Take the drivers license deduction as an example. Most people will feel uncomfortable if they hear about it. After rejecting you, you immediately accept it. Perhaps your friend is just uncomfortable, but you two had a big fight and you said a lot of hurtful things. I would be sad if it was me.

How to deal with someone who wont forgive you? Why does your friend say you cant go back? Have you thought about this issue seriously? Have you put yourself in a position to think from the perspective of your friend? Have you seriously considered her mood when you said those hurtful things?

Human nature is that it is easy to remember the words and things that hurt oneself, but it is not easy to forget the hurt memories. Everyone is.

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You said why she only remembered one of your bad things but forgot a lot of your good ones. Actually its not the case, because you hurt her, but you didnt sincerely feel sorry and sad for her. Instead, you asked her why she couldnt forget what you gave. Her hurt… I think your friends reaction is very understandable: How to deal with someone who won’t forgive you?

First, she felt that you didn’t even realize how hurt she was.

Second, she felt that you didn’t really admit your mistakes and apologize to her.

Third, she feels that she has done nothing wrong and was hurt by you, but you have to ask why you didn’t forgive her. She is very wronged.

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How to deal with someone who won’t forgive you? Your friend is right. A slap and a sweet date will only hurt her more. If you want to repair your relationship, you need to face up Deal with your own mistakes, and then solve them, instead of blindly using materials to compensate with other things.

So you must seriously think about what you have done during this time, and every sentence you said that hurt her, and think about how you feel if you are treated like this and hurt like this. ? Then you have to sincerely apologize to your friend sincerely. You need to let your friend know that you are really aware that you have hurt her and that you are very sad and regretful, so that you can be forgiven.

How to deal with someone who won’t forgive you? But she can choose not to forgive you. This is her freedom, so you have to show enough respect instead of making her feel pressured. You apologize because you know Hurt her instead of picking up a weapon that must be reconciled.

It is extremely necessary to keep a distance between friends. When you open up to each other, you can slowly get closer, but you always have to remember, dont forget to keep the distance.

After all, people are not saints, let alone gods. They cannot be without shortcomings. They cannot be selfish and harm others. Just like two hedgehogs, if they are too far away, they will not feel warmth. If they are too close, they will be caught The puncture wound on the body, so it is very important to grasp this distance.

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How to deal with someone who wont forgive you? You posted too close, two people will only get hurt.

Only your parents can love you unconditionally and forgive you no matter how you hurt you. So don’t hurt your friends. How painful and difficult to heal the wounds after a knife is stabbed, the injuries between friends are no less than being stabbed.

How to deal with someone who wont forgive you? So be careful what you say, even if the wound heals, the scar will last a lifetime.

Friends also need to continue to maintain and manage. In the past, no matter how good your relationship is, you also need to be careful to maintain it. It is difficult to build something, but it is easy to destroy it. All good relationships require effort. Costly.

How to deal with someone who won’t forgive you? The seeds that are planted need hard work to germinate and grow, the trees need to be pruned quietly to bear fruit, and the relationship between people is very stable and fragile. They are not contradictory.

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