Your girlfriend just slept with someone else

Your girlfriend just slept with someone else. I have always believed that time is the best forgetting potion, and the reason why you are here in pain is not that you do not love her, but that the time you have passed is too short.

Your girlfriend just slept with someone else. Just like you just had an operation yesterday, it will definitely hurt all day today, but as time goes by, the degree of your pain will only get smaller and less painful, and it will eventually not hurt at all.

She told me that she slept with others and she was not worthy of me. I asked her why, she cried and said that she was particularly uncomfortable and wanted to go out for a drink, then the man just asked her, and then she said that she was thinking about breaking up anyway It was impossible for me and her anymore, and then I went, and had a relationship with this man that night. She said that she was drunk and her body was soft and could not resist because I really love her. , So I plan to accept, choose to be patient, and then I tell her its okay, I dont mind, but I still mind

Your girlfriend just slept with someone else. Let’s take a look at the core points of what you say.

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First, Your girlfriend just slept with someone else. You already know in your heart that you will not be together again, and you will still be in a different place, then now the root of your pain is just emotional pain, or you cant find a substitute for the time being, or you have already paid for it. Emotional cost

Talking with long-distance girlfriends for more than a year, for various reasons, we may not be able to get together in the end

Second, Your girlfriend just slept with someone else. You have a gaping seed in your heart. This seed will take root and germinate in the future, and finally grow into a bloody thorn tree. You two sting, not to make you happy.

Third, your girlfriend just slept with someone else. Judging from the attitude of the woman, you can only use it more casually. This behavior is similar to self-harm and other behaviors after falling out of love. It hurts yourself to disgust others (or close people). ).

Your girlfriend just slept with someone else. My wife and I have been married for 10 years. When the child was 5 years old, the company had a weekend dinner. No box was booked that day. Everyone ate in the hall. Halfway through the meal, the guests at the next table Fought.

The other colleagues ran out. I was sitting in the innermost area, and I had to wait for the person next to go out. I stood up and just wanted to go out, the few people came over, and one of them kicked over and the other person avoided. , Just kicked to the lower part of me.

Your girlfriend just slept with someone else. At that time, it felt like death. Although it got better through treatment, she still didnt work well in terms of sex. Every time she was with her wife, she pretended to be very satisfied. In fact, I knew she was afraid Break my heart.

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After more than a year, one day I went to her bag to get the keys, and wanted to go out with two, because my parents were coming and prepared them for them, but I found that there was a condom in her bag.

Your girlfriend just slept with someone else. Although I feel uncomfortable, I dont have the right to ask her. If one day she doesnt want to live with me and asks for a divorce, I will agree to it. If the divorce is like now, I also Will pretend not to know, after all, I have a physical problem, and she did nothing wrong.

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Men are self-esteem and possessive creatures, facing their own women, cheating on other opposite sexes is almost intolerable.

Some men chose to forgive or forgive, but then the relationship between the two will also have problems, either cold war or violent treatment.

Some people chose to divorce very directly.

But no matter how you look at it, regardless of tolerance or divorce, you cant escape the most realistic and critical one:

Two people in a marriage, if one party holds the economic power, it will have an absolute advantage, or the other party will grasp the pain of the other party, it will decide the direction of the marriage and control the long-term relationship between the two people.

The reality is so cruel, there is no way to accept it and it can only be accepted.

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